Southland Design Call


Call to Designers

Southland Drive Art Shelter Design Competition

Project Description

Art in Motion, Inc. (AIM), a nonprofit corporation based in Lexington, KY and component fund of the Blue Grass Community Foundation is pleased to announce a design contest in partnership with  Good Foods Market and Café, The Southland Association, Hill-N-Dale neighborhood association, Lexington Transit Authority (LexTran), the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Congestion Mitigation Air Quality program (KTC-CMAQ) and the owner of the affected property for an artistically designed bus shelter on the Southland Drive corridor in Lexington, Kentucky.

Project Scope and design prize

Art in Motion hereby announces a public contest for the design of a unique transit shelter to serve LexTran riders and the community to be located on Southland Drive.

This project is part of a CMAQ grant awarded to Lextran in partnership with Art in Motion for the construction of public transit amenities in Lexington that help reduce traffic congestion and carbon emmissions.  The design prize to be awarded through this contest comes from private funds donated by the above-referenced partners.  Construction of the winning design will be funded by the CMAQ grant and is contingent upon execution of a final agreement between KTC-CMAQ and LexTran/Art in Motion to ensure all project expenditures are reimbursible under the grant.  The governing Federal-Aid Highway Program Project Development Guide for Local Public Agencies can be reviewed, if desired, at:

The shelter will serve both as a bus stop with seating and shelter for riders and as public art that enriches the Southland Drive corridor.  The shelter will also be as environmentally sustainable as possible in design and construction.

Professional architects, engineers, sculptors and artists are eligible.  Students under the supervision of relevant professionals are also eligible. Design/build firms are encouraged to participate, but it should be noted that bids must be publically sought for the construction phase of this project according to the requirements of the CMAQ grant.

A cash prize of $ 2,500 will be awarded for the winning design through the sponsorship of project partners Good Foods Market and Café and The Southland Association.  The prize will be awarded to the selected winner upon delivery of detailed construction drawings of the winning design.  The selected winner shall be responsible for providing reasonable communication with the chosen General Contractor to ensure correct interpretation of design drawings and successful fabrication of design during the construction phase.

Project Budget

The total budget for materials and construction of the structure is approximately $45,000.

Project Timeline

Deadline for entry of conceptual design and qualifications of designer(s): November 4, 2011.   ‘Entry’ means submission is postmarked by November 4, 2011.

Proposed date for announcing winning design : December 16, 2011

Proposed completion of KTC contract negotiation and bid invitation by:  February, 2012.

Fabrication and installation of shelter:  projected completion by August, 2012.  (Construction of the shelter and completion of this project is contingent upon successful negotiation of a contract between LexTran and KTC for reimbursement of all construction costs under CMAQ grant.)

Application Guidelines

 To enter the design contest, entrant should submit the following information:

 1)      A one-page letter of interest containing name of individual or firm, mailing address, phone number and email address.   If a group of individuals are partnering on the entry or in the case of a firm, please identify one person and email address for notification purposes.

2)      Current resume of individual or firm members

3)      A brief narrative about design, no more than one page.

4)      Conceptual drawings of design, including plans, elevations, sections, axon, and typical details.

5)      Detailed cost opinion demonstrating proposed design can be completed within stated budget.

6)      All material must be on 8 ½” x11” paper with no staples.

7)      All materials other than letter of interest should have the name of the individual, firm or any other identifying information on the back only.

Project Location

The shelter will be located on Southland Drive in front of the Good Foods Market and Café (See attached location map or visit to view map.)

The structure must be constructed within a buildable area or footprint no greater than 28 x 17 feet.

Design Criteria

The proposed design should emphasize environmental sustainability in its design, materials and function.  The structure should be as low maintenance as possible in materials, details and finish, should weather well and should be as impervious to vandalism as possible.  Use of recycled or recovered building materials and living plant material is encouraged.

The shelter must also:

1)      Be equipped with secure panels that can exhibit 2-D art murals or graphic design works.  Panels should allow works to be shown on a rotating basis and conveniently changed.

2)      Incorporate a green roof and other elements involving living plants to deal with stormwater created by roof and pad, and for general sustainability and natural beauty.

3)      Be designed to provide an interesting and aesthetically pleasing 360 degree view (from the street and from the businesses on each side and behind the shelter).

4)      provide  adequate shelter from seasonal weather, including precipitation, wind and sun.

5)      provide seating, inside and outside, in sun and in shade, that is not conducive to lying down or sleeping.

6)      Afford multiple entries and visibility for urban safety.

7)      Provide for access from shelter to boarding bus and take into consideration planned bike lanes and current lack of sidewalks along Southland Drive.

8)      Include LED lighting (or its equivalent, in terms of longevity, dependability and reduced power consumption) for night-time use and to discourage vandalism, enable waiting riders to see the faces of other people (transit studies show this is a key factor in safety and security of riders) and eliminate dark corners.  Riders should be able to view artwork, read a paper or view other information posted in the shelter comfortably.  Lighting should also provide adequate passenger visibility for bus operators to reduce pass-bys (a major problem cited by transit riders around the country).

9)      Be ADA compliant (see Americans with Disabilities Act, 49 CFR 37).

10)  Accommodate the parking/locking of a bicycle and include amenities such as recycling and garbage bins.

11)  Anticipate installation in the near future of GIS information and other digital amenities that would communicate real-time LexTran system information to riders.

12)  Include a pad and appropriate footings that will provide foundation for shelter as part of the submitted design.

13)  Include a connection to the electrical grid to meet power needs of the shelter as part of the submitted design.  (LexTran and AIM anticipate designing and installing a central solar system that will offset the combined power usage at all shelters built under this CMAQ grant, making individual solar units at each shelter unnecessary.)

The shelter must satisfy any applicable local, state and federal regulations and all requirements imposed in the Encroachment Permit issued by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.  See Mass Transit Shelter Specifications and Conditions (TC 99-23 and TC 99-1) and permit conditions and requirements for transit shelters (PE-1701 and PE-1702). For additional requirements and guidelines, see

Elements to be considered in developing design:

1)      Southland Drive is the home of a very diverse and eclectic array of locally-owned businesses.  It has developed the reputation of being a shopping district where a small, locally-owned business can take root and grow.

2)      The Southland Association values sustainability and is part of an effort to increase the sustainability of Lexington’s environment and its business and economic base.  In addition, making the Southland Drive cooridor greener, cooler, and less impervious to stormwater are major goals.

3)      Good Foods Market and Café is an anchor of the Southland Drive shopping district.  Good Foods is a cooperative market owned by its members.  It sells locally-produced and organic products, specialty herbs and supplements, and serves freshly made organic food and drinks in the café.  Good Foods has become the anchor, over its 39 years of operation, of a community that values fresh, locally produced food, organic farming and progressive values that emphasize environmental and economic sustainability.

4)      Southland Drive is home to a farmer’s market that sells locally-grown produce and other local products and the Southland Jamboree and is celebrated in a large mural located on a building at the corner of Southland Drive and Rosemont Garden.

5)      The Southland Drive corridor is surrounded by affordable residential neighborhoods that are well established and walkable.

6)      Better connectivity is a goal of Southland Drive merchants—better walkability between businesses and along the corridor, the addition of bike lanes, and amenities for public transit. Bike lanes are planned for both sides of the Southland Drive corridor and should be installed by 2012.  Each bike lane will be 4-5 feet in width and will run adjacent to the roadway.

7)      The history of Southland Drive dates to the 1950s when businesses began moving from downtown Lexington to what was then a suburban location.  Given Lexington’s suburban expansion since then, however, Southland Drive’s location well inside New Circle Road and within 1 mile of the University of Kentucky and downtown Lexington, it is now considered to be part of Lexington’s urban fabric.

8)      A public artwork, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval’s “Casablanca”, will be exhibited in front of the Good Foods Market and Café in the vicinity of the art shelter.  A photo and description of the piece can be viewed at Art in Motion’s website ( or at

9)      The design contest sponsors wish to use the proposed art shelter to brand the Southland Drive corridor as a unique place in Lexington and to celebrate the elements discussed above.

Please send all entries to:

 Art in Motion, Inc.

838 East High Street # 114

Lexington, KY 40502

Direct any questions by email to Yvette Hurt, President and Coordinator of AIM at or by phone at (859) 361-1052.  Questions must be submitted between

September 26-October 10, 2011.  Responses to questions will be posted on AIM’s website at

 Post-Application Process

A selection committee made of representatives of LexTran, Good Foods, LexArts, the Southland Association and the property owner, among others, will choose the winning design.  Winning and non-winning entrants will be notified by email.

 Submitted materials will be returned upon request by emailing:


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