Design contests juries scheduled to meet

Jury meetings have been scheduled in the Southland and Leestown Road art shelter design contests.  The Leestown jury will meet November 14 and the Southland jury will meet on December 2nd.    Each jury is made up of representatives of LexTran, LexArts, the partners who are sponsoring the design contest prizes (nearby businesses and neighborhood associations) and the architecture profession.  As always, Art in Motion facilitates the meetings but does not vote on the winner.  Designers who submitted designs will be contacted and updated by email.

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Answers to questions submitted about new shelter design contests

Question:  Is the location of the Leestown Rd. bus stop on the base map the exact proposed site?  Does it have to be oriented at the same angle as on the base map?  Also, is the rectangle to scale on the provided?

Answer:  The location indicated on the map is approximate. However, it will be generally in that area shown. The bus door should open as near the shelter as possible. You can see the painted lines on the road where the bus stops. Another consideration is that a sidewalk connection will be made to the existing sidewalk parallel to Town Center Dr. The sidewalk portion of the project will be built as a separate project in tandem with this. So, the price for the sidewalk does not have to be considered as a part of this design contest. The orientation shown on the map was suggested but not required. Protection from weather elements, access and visibility should be key considerations in placement. Obviously the overall composition and how it integrates with the surroundings are a big consideration as well. There needs to be some flexibility of placement depending on where some utility lines may be located underground. The rectangle is not to scale. It’s just there to show approximately where the shelter needs to be.The dimensions of the structure are to fall within 28 x 17 feet and must not exceed that.

Question:  Can an artist alone submit a design for the prize?    Answer:  No, an artist would have to partner with an architect, or be an architect, to enter

because detailed construction specs of the design are required.

Scroll down for design contest announcement or click on links above to view Leestown and Southland design calls and maps.

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Calling all designers: AIM announces contests for two new art shelter designs

Art in Motion, in partnership with LexTran, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Office of Local Programs, and a host of local businesses and associations, announces public contests for the design of two new unique art shelters to be located on Southland Drive and Leestown Road respectively.  Click on the links above to access the full design contest documents.   Proposed shelter location maps can also be found at those links. Questions can be directed to Yvette Hurt, AIM president and coordinator, at: or 859-361-1052

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New murals at East End Artstop and Bluegrass art shelter

Art in Motion, in partnership with LexArts, Bluegrass Community Foundation and LexTran, has launched two new mural exhibits by locally-based artists Mary Rezny and Robert Kelly.

At East End Artstop, on the corner of Elm Tree Lane and Third Street, across from the historic Lyric Theater, Mary Rezny’s photographs feature the “Tawny” Daylily, in a fractured, impressionist format that makes the rider or walker pause and reflect for a moment.  Rezny describes the daylily as an old-fashioned lily that is planted in the shade but which blooms in the sunshine, each beautiful bloom lasting only one day.  “Using the flower as a metaphor of body and soul” she says, “the images appear torn apart, fractured and multi-faceted but then reassembled to reflect life’s surprising beauty.”  The mural exhibit also incorporates a haiku by poet and artist Joan Brannon of ArtsPower Lexington.  The financial sponsor of the East End Artstop exhibit is the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Rezny is a photo- mixed media artist based in Lexington KY since 1976.  Her studio/gallery on Manchester Street in the Distillery District exhibits her own work along with a revolving display of art from other established and emerging artists.  She is a Kentucky Foundation for Women grant recipient whose art is exhibited regionally in galleries and juried exhibitions and it is included in the permanent collection of The Art Museum of the University of Kentucky and the Little Fine Art Library, University of Kentucky.  For more information, visit

At the Bluegrass art shelter on Newtown Pike at Loudon Avenue, Robert Kelly’s vibrant mural “Approximately 10 -37 seconds” reveals his dual perspective as a visual artist and architect.  The mural, displayed in two equal sections, explores the intersection between two-dimensional and three-dimensional constructions, between realistic representation and abstraction, between order and disorder, and the convergence of stasis and movement.  The new Bluegrass exhibit is being funded through a grant from LexArts.

Robert L. (Bob) Kelly, holds a B. Arch. from the University of Kentucky; an M. Arch. from the Syracuse University program in Florence, Italy; and a PhD in Architectural History and Theory from McGill University in Montreal.  His architectural practice has been the recipient of an Honor Award for Outstanding Design from the AIA Kentucky and his other award-winning creative work (sculpture, painting, collage, photography, stained glass) has been exhibited locally, regionally and internationally.  

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Robert Kelly is winner of Bluegrass mural contest

June 10, 2011

Press release

Art in Motion, in partnership with LexArts and LexTran, is pleased to announce a winner in our contest for a new exhibit of murals at the Bluegrass Art Shelter on Newtown Pike in Lexington, KY.

Robert Kelly’s “Approximately 10 -37 seconds” has been chosen as the new mural to be displayed at the Bluegrass shelter. The new exhibit is being funded through a generous grant from LexArts and will go on display beginning in July at the LexTran bus shelter that is in itself a sculpture . The jury, made up of LexArt’s CEO Jim Clark, Community Arts Manager Nathan Zammaron and LexTran Director of Community Affairs Jill Barnett, met on June 8 with Art in Motion president and coordinator Yvette Hurt to consider the submissions.

The mural will be displayed in two equal sections in the two panels at the shelter. Kelly is an architect as well as visual artist and this dual perspective, visible in the chosen work, is especially well suited for an exhibit at a structure that serves multiple purposes related to public art and physical shelter.

Any questions may be directed to Yvette Hurt at 361-1052 or Jill Barnett at 255-7756.

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Check out new pages!

Click on ‘Shelters’ link above for photos and lots of nformation about each of our completed shelter projects–Gardenstop, Bluegrass, East End Artstop and Bottlestop.

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AIM at “What Now Lexington”

Attended Progress Lexington’s event again this year…even better attended than last year’s…great sessions, all constructive and stimulating. Thanks ProgressLex for creating great community dialogue!

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