Bids sought for new art shelter construction

Lextran and Art in Motion, in partnership with the KYTC’s Office of Local Programs, are seeking bids from contractors for two new art shelters on Southland Drive and Leestown Road.

Follow the link below to Lextran’s posting of the Invitation for Bids and register there to receive the bid packet, or type “IFB” into the search box on Lextran’s home page:

Note that a pre-bid meeting will be held this Thursday, January 16th at 1:00 pm EST with representatives of the design teams, Art in Motion and Lextran to answer any questions you may have about the packet or the project.

At the Lextran Training Center – Large Conference Room

105 Spruce Street

Lexington, KY 40507

(To get to the conference center: from Main Street, take Elm Tree Lane north, then left onto Corral St, left into parking lot)

Please forward this message on to any firms you think may be interested.

Industrial Oasis by John Darko and Pohl, Rosa, Pohl

Industrial Oasis by John Darko and Pohl, Rosa, Pohl



CHIMNEYsTOP by Justin Menke, Chad Riddle, Martin Steffen and Ryan Hargrove

CHIMNEYsTOP by Justin Menke, Chad Riddle, Martin Steffen and Ryan Hargrove

Note that to bid on this project, you must be prequalified with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) in I-26 construction as stated in our previous notices.  To make sure you are prequalified, visit the KYTC website at:

Call 502-564-3500 with questions about prequalification.

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Deadline for Application January 17, 2014

Eligibility – Kentucky Artists

No Application Fee

Bluegrass Art Shelter - Newtown Pike, Lexington Kentucky

Bluegrass Art Shelter on Newtown Pike between downtown Lexington and the Kentucky Horse Park
Art Stop - Elm and Third Street, Lexington, Kentucky
Art Stop – across the intersection from the renovated Lyric Theatre

For more info, click the link on this page

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This Friday Nov 1, Help Us Win the First Challenge!

goodgivingArt In Motion is thrilled to be a part of this year’s GoodGiving Guide Challenge.  Come join the celebration and support us and your other local favorite charity as we kick-off this year’s challenge at West Sixth Brewery on November 1st between 3 and 7pm.

By attending, you can help us win part of a $2000 prize .

If you can’t make it out to the event, you can always make a donation to Art In Motion online from our website or participate in some of the other challenges that will be coming up over the next few weeks.

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NEW Mural contest!

Art in Motion, in partnership with the Lexington Corridors Commission, LexArts and Lextran, is seeking new art murals for exhibit space at two art shelters:  East End Artstop and Bluegrass Art Shelter.   Artist Submission Deadline: January 17, 2014

More details available here!

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Two Winning Designs in Latest Art Shelter Contests

Industrial Oasis, winner of Southland art shelter contest

Art in Motion and Lextran have completed the first two art shelter design contests pursuant to a $150,000 Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) grant received from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Office of Local Programs.  OLP allocates federal highway dollars to Kentucky projects that enable multi-model travel or reduce air pollution.  In the case of AIM/LexTran’s grant, funds were allocated for the design and construction of up to 8 art shelters.  Providing amenities for mass transit constitutes one of the eligible categories under CMAQ because such amenities increase ridership and reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions over the long-term.   LexTran is providing matching dollars for each shelter funded through the CMAQ grant.

Industrial Oasis, winner of Southland art shelter contest

Industrial Oasis, winner of Southland art shelter contest

The winner of the Southland Drive contest is “Industrial Oasis” by designer and sculptor John Darko and architectural firm Pohl, Rosa, Pohl.  Their unique design features twisted rebar columns that mimic an organic, tree-like structure leading to a roof featuring a rain garden.  The designers describe the shelter as “embracing the juxtaposition of human development and natural beauty.”  An example of Darko’s work can be seen at the entrance to the Kentucky Theater on Main Street.  Generous matching funds for the shelter have been provided by Good Foods Market and Café, shopping center owner Sanford Levy, and a grant Hill-N-Dale Neighborhood Association received through the Lexington’s neighborhood Action Match Program.  The jury was made up of representatives of Good Foods, Lextran, Southland Association, Mayor Jim Gray’s office, the property owner and the architecture community.

CHIMNEYsTOP, winner of Leestown Contest

CHIMNEYsTOP, winner of Leestown Contest

The winner of the Leestown Road/Townley Center contest is “CHIMNEYsTOP” by University of Kentucky design students Justin Menke, Chad Riddle and Martin Steffen under the professional guidance of UK Landscape Architecture professor Ryan Hargrove.  The design features a lighted chimney that in the words of the designers “will serve as a beacon or way finding aid” for Townley Center.   The jury was made up of neighborhood association representatives, Townley Center developer Dennis Anderson, Lextran and 2nd District Urban County Councilperson Tom Blues.  The structure also features dry laid stone walls and craftsman-style stained glass.  Design criteria for the two contests can be viewed by clicking on the “Southland Design Call” or “Leestown Design Call” links on this page.

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Art in Motion has received a $1,500 grant from Lexington Directions for its Gardenside project.  AIM is working with 11th District councilperson Peggy Henson and neighborhood stakeholders to restore the 1050s-era bus shelter in front of Gardenside Shopping Center on Alexandria Drive.  The group would also like to add an art mural to the restored structure and plant a garden around it.  See Gardenside page in this website.

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Finalists chosen in Art in Motion design contests

Two art shelter design contests being held as part of a $150,000 state and federal transportation grant have moved to the finalist stage.

In the Leestown Road/Townley Center project, two finalists were chosen—“Stone Glass Box Stop” by Charles Hawley, Dwayne Parks and Thomas Tague and “Chimneystop” by Justin Menke, Chad Riddle and Martin Steffen.  Finalists will be interviewed on December 9th.

The Southland Drive jury has chosen three finalists—“Industrial Oasis” by John Darko and Pohl, Rosa, Pohl; “Southland  Shelter” by Madelyn Ringo and Eric Burnside; and “Arc Stop” by Scott Laffin, Thomas Wortman and Nicholas Cronin.  The date for follow-up interviews is still being scheduled.

The chosen design in each contest will be awarded a cash prize and will be posted on this website.  The winning designs will then be bid out for construction through the process outlined in the Transportation Cabinet’s Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program.

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