Donations and Funding

Art in Motion is a registered Kentucky non-profit corporation as well as a component fund of the Blue Grass Community Foundation, which provides our 501(c)(3) designation and handles our financial account. Because AIM is an all-volunteer group, we feel it’s important to have all financial matters, grants, donations and payments to contractors handled through a professional organization with full-time certified public accountants on staff.

How to Donate:

We need your help! Your donations are fully tax-deductible and will help us build shelters and offset general expenses like copies, post office box fees and fees paid to Blue Grass Community Foundation to manage our financial account. You can donate on line at, scroll down to “Additional Questions” and choose “Art in Motion” in the drop down box.

Art in Motion needs organizational funding to make our project sustainable.  Since 2006, we have received only direct grants for building projects; no staff or organizational funding has been received by AIM. Ideally, we would like funding for a part-time staff coordinator position. All of AIM’s work has been done on a 100-percent volunteer basis. If you would like to help AIM’s work continue, please make an online donation to our fund at the Blue Grass Community Foundation (BGCF). Go to and in “Additional Questions” scroll to “Art in Motion”

AIM Funding Sources:

Our funds have come from a combination of local, state, federal and non-profit grants. We have received grants from LFUCG’s Corridors Commission, LexArts, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet’s Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) and Transportation Enhancement (TE) programs, The Knight Foundation, Lexington Neighborhood Development funds and private donations, LexTran has provided matching grants for each of our shelters projects. 100 percent of these funds have gone directly into shelter construction or design prizes.

No member of Art in Motion’s staff or board has ever received any compensation of any kind.

In fact, staff and board members have covered most of the general organizational expenses of the group since its inception in 2006 out of our own pockets.

We thank the following individuals and businesses for cash/in-kind donations to AIM:

Mayor Jim Gray
Jim McKay, Architect
Beaux Arts Foundation, Inc.
Ale 8 One
Karen Angelucci
Marnie Houlobek
Phil Houlebek
Greg King
Steve and Meg Austin Charitable Fund
Steve Kay
Michael and Sarah Brown
Geoff and Sherry Maddock
Sandra Abdul-Hafiz
William and Deni Hamilton
Derek and Heather Wingfield
Allen Shariaty
EOP Architects
Barry McNees
Prajna Design and Construction
Third Street Stuff
Good Foods Market and Cafe
Sandy Levin
Meadowthorp Neighborhood Association
Townley Neighborhood Association
University of Kentucky
Yvette Hurt
Joey David
Peyman Jahed
Scott Diamond


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