Gardenstop shelter on Euclid Avenue at Linden Walk

Gardenstop - Euclid Avenue near the University of Kentucky

Gardenstop is a living shelter located in the Aylesford neighborhood near the UK campus

Gardenstop, designed by Prajna Design and Construction, is the result of a public design contest coordinated by Art in Motion and Historic Aylesford Neighborhood Association. With funding from UK and LexTran–plus many in-kind donation by the businesses listed below–Gardenstop is the first art shelter to incorporate living plants and it is our most sustainable yet.

    Sustainable features of Gardenstop…

Greengrid modular green roof system (Weston Solutions) uses a locally grown mix of base sedums plants, blooming sedums and alliums from Kelly Nurseries.

Roof framed with salvaged, antique white oak beams.

Ceiling features reclaimed yellow pine tongue and groove flooring salvaged from houses demolished in Lexington, reclaimed metal barn roofing salvaged from dismantled barn in Franklin County and native sassafras harvested from Casey, Pulaski and Adair Counties.

East wall panel framed in reclaimed antique poplar from demolished buildings known as Morton’s Row and formerly located on Upper Street in Lexington. Wood paneling made of native sassafras and red locust locally harvested.

West wall paneled in cypress from bourbon vats salvaged when Lawrenceburg distillery was demolished in the mid-1980’s and reclaimed white oak salvaged from barn timbers in Franklin County. Small window framed in native walnut harvested in Jessamine County. Sill made from local black locust.

Bench made from reclaimed white oak timbers salvaged from dismantled barn structure in Franklin County.

Salvaged white oak timbers from woolen mill (circa 1860’s) in St. Mary’s, OH are placed to west of structure for use as community bulletin board.

Green screen backdrop is a lightweight painted steel tube structure with woven wire mesh as armature for native honeysuckle donated by Kelly Nurseries.

Ground plantings include native grasses, ground cover, ornamental perennials and Siberian irises donated by Michler’s Greenhouse.

Concrete planter collects stormwater from roof and is filled with recycled crushed concrete gravel for drainage. All poured-in-place concrete slabs have 20 percent fly ash content. Brick pavers are left over from larger projects and are set in a bed of sand over recycled crushed concrete. Steel structure has 99% recycled content.

Low-voltage LED lighting by Q-Lighting, Inc.

    Generous donations of materials and services by:

Michler’s Gardens & Greenhouses
Kelly Nursery ▪ Grant Logan Copper ▪ Janell Concrete
Congleton Lumber ▪ Harrod Concrete
Kwik-set ▪ Landesign ▪ Weston Solutions
C & R Asphalt ▪ bfmj ▪ Diversified Demolition ▪ Hek Glass
Perspectives ▪ Clay Ingels ▪ Lexington Cut Stone
Kentucky Ornamental Iron ▪ Oldcastle Precast
Q Lighting, Inc. ▪ Harry Gordon Steel
Michael Maxson Metal ▪ Sherrod Sign
Salvage Nation

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