East End Artstop

East End Artstop

    Mission Statement
Art Stop - Elm and Third Street, Lexington, Kentucky

Art Stop – Art In Motion’s Second Shelter, across the intersection from the renovated Lyric Theatre

“Welcome to the East End Artstop. This outdoor gallery space celebrates the connection between art and transit, function and inspiration.
The mission of this exhibit space is to display artwork that celebrates the rich history and culture of the East End while embracing change in the neighborhood and exploring its future.
The art shown here will speak to the East End’s unique sense of place while exploring its connection to the wider community and the world.
This gallery is dedicated to the people of the East End.”

    Meeting these needs in our community:

–For public art: All great cities have public art and Lexington deserves no less
–For practical shelter and seating for LexTran riders: AIM wants to help build a system that treats public transit riders with dignity. These kinds of amenities help grow our public transit system which, in turn, reduces traffic congestion, air pollution and improves the quality of life in Lexington.
–For outdoor gathering space for Lexington’s Roots and Heritage festival and other civic occasions.
–For revitalization of East End neighborhood, which is an important part of Lexington’s history and has been at the center of African-American culture and enterprise in Lexington for more than a hundred years.

    Project Partners:

• Art in Motion, Inc.
• LexTran
• Urban County Councilperson Andrea James
• EOP Architects
• Gary Bibbs, sculptor and UK faculty member
• Knight Foundation
• Bluegrass Community Foundation
• LFUCG planner Joseph David
• Martin Luther King Neighborhood Association
• Legacy Foundation
• Artist Joan Brannon
• East End resident Thomas Tolliver
• Scherer Boyd (Roots and Heritage Festival committee)
• Lexington Art League and LexArts
• Artist Pat Gerhard
• Artist Justin Fox
• Urban League
• Contractors who built East End Artstop at cost:
a) Steve Hranicky, general contractor
b) Q Lighting
c) Voltaic Solar

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