New East End Artstop exhibit incorporates history of neighborhood

A new exhibit was installed Tuesday, September 1st at the corner of Third Street and Elm Tree Lane near the historic Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center.  Members of the Art Club of Sisohpromatem Art Foundation, Inc. researched, designed and created five new art panels incorporating elements of the history and buildings in the East End of Lexington, Kentucky.

lyric (2)






The art panels have a bold, colorful, abstract design that can be  ‘read’  from a distance, as well as up close.  Working over three Saturday mornings, 10-13 Art Club members and 3-5 high school volunteers drew, cut and pasted the symbols they chose to represent the East End.  The original pieces have been hung in the Lyric lobby while reproductions of the work on weather-proof boards have been installed in the shelter.

Some meanings in the works are obvious, like “Lyric” and “LASC”, or the jockey on horseback and the horseshoes.   Neighbors, especially, may recognize the presence of the iconic design over the Lyric’s marquee. Then there’s an “E” (for East End), four signs (historic markers) and a pattern of spear-like forms (wrought iron fencing found around the Old Episcopal Burying Ground and many other places in the neighborhood).   Look closer for houses and other buildings, trees, flowers, stars in the sky and the skyline.

Thirty-plus colorful hands reaching across the panels are those of students and staff from the William Wells Brown Community Center.  Each person drew his or her own hand outline, then decorated and signed it.  Art Club members added a few more signed hands, then interspersed their signatures, and subtle designs and words on the panel backgrounds.  Students from the International Tutoring Club of Lafayette High School, who regularly volunteer with Art Club, participated throughout the creation of the panels, as well, and left their mark on the design.

Art Club is an art-based developmental program that meets one Saturday each month.  Students, nominated by their art teachers, join in the 5th grade and continue attending as long as interested.  At the time of creation of the bus stop panels, Art Club students ranged from 5th to 8th grade and attended from numerous schools and neighborhoods in Lexington.  During 2014-15 Art Club received partial funding from the LFUCG Partner Agency Program and from the Partners for Youth Foundation.

Sisohpromatem Art Foundation, Inc. is a charitable non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to creating a metamorphosis in the lives of young people through their participation in the arts. Our name is ‘metamorphosis’ spelled in reverse. We believe that participation in the arts can create a metamorphosis–in individuals and in the community. We focus on encouraging children’s confidence and self-esteem by offering educational and fun arts programming, in a safe, creative and stimulating environment.

For more information about the foundation, contact director Sonja Brooks at 259-0222 or

SAF, Inc. Art Club students who participating in creating the panels:

  • Danae Cox
  • Lauren Fields
  • Chase Faulkner
  • Emerald Taylor
  • Kelsey Duggins
  • Deja Baker
  • Pedro Hernandez
  • Allison Chavez
  • Esmeralda Gallegos Ortega
  • Cassady Powell
  • Patience Baker
  • Majessa Dunn
  • Saniiyah Hamilton

Along with International Tutoring Club, Lafayette HS students:

  • Meriem Boughroud
  • Lovelace Benedicta Ebu
  • Francisco Espinosa
  • Leslie Martinez
  • William Funez








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