Volunteers Needed for Gardenside Plaza Bus Shelter/Sign History Project

Got Stories?  Volunteers Needed for Gardenside Plaza Bus Shelter/Sign History Project

At times throughout its history, the Gardenside Plaza shopping center has been more than just a convenient place to shop. It has served as a destination and as a focus of activity in the fast-growing suburban landscape. When constructed in the late 1950s, it wasn’t simply a concentration of businesses; it was a community landmark, functioning as a focus for human interaction and as a definer of place. For these reasons, as part of the Gardenside Bus Shelter/Sign preservation project, AIM is sponsoring a project to record stories associated with this significant landmark.

Do you have stories to tell? Did you live in the area before the plaza was constructed? How did its arrival affect your life? What did you think about the modern design of the sign/bus shelter? Do you know anyone who helped build the bus shelter/sign? Who were some of the early tenants in the shopping center? Did you work at the plaza? Were you one of the residents who helped lobby the city to extend bus service to Gardenside in the 1950s? Did you ride the bus to/from the plaza to shop or work? What were some of the community events that took place at the plaza? Do you have a mother, father, grandparent, or neighbor with stories about the plaza?

We are looking for volunteers, both those willing to be interviewed, and those who can help record the stories. No story is too small.  You need no experience to serve as a community historian; help will be provided. Please contact Karen Hudson at khudsonlexky@gmail.com to volunteer or to obtain additional information about efforts to record the history of this Lexington landmark.

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