Finalists chosen in Art in Motion design contests

Two art shelter design contests being held as part of a $150,000 state and federal transportation grant have moved to the finalist stage.

In the Leestown Road/Townley Center project, two finalists were chosen—“Stone Glass Box Stop” by Charles Hawley, Dwayne Parks and Thomas Tague and “Chimneystop” by Justin Menke, Chad Riddle and Martin Steffen.  Finalists will be interviewed on December 9th.

The Southland Drive jury has chosen three finalists—“Industrial Oasis” by John Darko and Pohl, Rosa, Pohl; “Southland  Shelter” by Madelyn Ringo and Eric Burnside; and “Arc Stop” by Scott Laffin, Thomas Wortman and Nicholas Cronin.  The date for follow-up interviews is still being scheduled.

The chosen design in each contest will be awarded a cash prize and will be posted on this website.  The winning designs will then be bid out for construction through the process outlined in the Transportation Cabinet’s Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) program.

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