New murals at East End Artstop and Bluegrass art shelter

Art in Motion, in partnership with LexArts, Bluegrass Community Foundation and LexTran, has launched two new mural exhibits by locally-based artists Mary Rezny and Robert Kelly.

At East End Artstop, on the corner of Elm Tree Lane and Third Street, across from the historic Lyric Theater, Mary Rezny’s photographs feature the “Tawny” Daylily, in a fractured, impressionist format that makes the rider or walker pause and reflect for a moment.  Rezny describes the daylily as an old-fashioned lily that is planted in the shade but which blooms in the sunshine, each beautiful bloom lasting only one day.  “Using the flower as a metaphor of body and soul” she says, “the images appear torn apart, fractured and multi-faceted but then reassembled to reflect life’s surprising beauty.”  The mural exhibit also incorporates a haiku by poet and artist Joan Brannon of ArtsPower Lexington.  The financial sponsor of the East End Artstop exhibit is the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

Rezny is a photo- mixed media artist based in Lexington KY since 1976.  Her studio/gallery on Manchester Street in the Distillery District exhibits her own work along with a revolving display of art from other established and emerging artists.  She is a Kentucky Foundation for Women grant recipient whose art is exhibited regionally in galleries and juried exhibitions and it is included in the permanent collection of The Art Museum of the University of Kentucky and the Little Fine Art Library, University of Kentucky.  For more information, visit

At the Bluegrass art shelter on Newtown Pike at Loudon Avenue, Robert Kelly’s vibrant mural “Approximately 10 -37 seconds” reveals his dual perspective as a visual artist and architect.  The mural, displayed in two equal sections, explores the intersection between two-dimensional and three-dimensional constructions, between realistic representation and abstraction, between order and disorder, and the convergence of stasis and movement.  The new Bluegrass exhibit is being funded through a grant from LexArts.

Robert L. (Bob) Kelly, holds a B. Arch. from the University of Kentucky; an M. Arch. from the Syracuse University program in Florence, Italy; and a PhD in Architectural History and Theory from McGill University in Montreal.  His architectural practice has been the recipient of an Honor Award for Outstanding Design from the AIA Kentucky and his other award-winning creative work (sculpture, painting, collage, photography, stained glass) has been exhibited locally, regionally and internationally.  

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