Robert Kelly is winner of Bluegrass mural contest

June 10, 2011

Press release

Art in Motion, in partnership with LexArts and LexTran, is pleased to announce a winner in our contest for a new exhibit of murals at the Bluegrass Art Shelter on Newtown Pike in Lexington, KY.

Robert Kelly’s “Approximately 10 -37 seconds” has been chosen as the new mural to be displayed at the Bluegrass shelter. The new exhibit is being funded through a generous grant from LexArts and will go on display beginning in July at the LexTran bus shelter that is in itself a sculpture . The jury, made up of LexArt’s CEO Jim Clark, Community Arts Manager Nathan Zammaron and LexTran Director of Community Affairs Jill Barnett, met on June 8 with Art in Motion president and coordinator Yvette Hurt to consider the submissions.

The mural will be displayed in two equal sections in the two panels at the shelter. Kelly is an architect as well as visual artist and this dual perspective, visible in the chosen work, is especially well suited for an exhibit at a structure that serves multiple purposes related to public art and physical shelter.

Any questions may be directed to Yvette Hurt at 361-1052 or Jill Barnett at 255-7756.

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