Call to artists: AIM and LexArts seek new murals for Bluegrass


Deadline for Application – May 31, 2011
Eligibility – Kentucky Artists
No Application Fee

Project Description

Art in Motion in association with LexArts and LexTran is seeking professional artists or artist teams. Our goal is to provide an opportunity to display site responsive work which will engage the community citizens to consider the role of art in our streetscape and public transportation. Art in Motion’s mission is to make Lexington a more vibrant, livable city through the fusion of public art, public transit and public spaces.

Project Scope

Three goals of this project are to:

• Provide an opportunity for artists to create large scale artwork in the public realm.
• Encourage environmental sustainability by building our public transit system though art.
• Enhance the waiting experience at the Bluegrass Art Shelter

We are open to an individual artist or a artists collaborating with other professionals to create a unique public artwork. The artist will provide a digital image or negative to LexArts. Images should be bold enough to be viewed from a distance and also interesting when viewed up close. The image will be enlarged , so high resolution digital format is required. An individual artist selected to display work will receive an honorarium of $500 for use of two images. If a team is selected they would be awarded a $750 honorarium to share. There may be multiple artists selected, each receiving different exhibition dates.

Project Site

The selected images will be enlarged to 38″w x 59″h and installed in the Bluegrass Art Shelter. Artworks will be lit at night. A six inch banner along the bottom of the each panel will be reserved for project information and acknowledgements. The selected artist will work through Art in Motion. Once a digital image or negative is provided to Art in Motion, a professional print will be made onto a durable panel suitable for outdoor display, paid for by a grant from LexArts. Artists retain all rights to the original composition. The Bluegrass Art Shelter is located on Newtown Pike at the corner of Ash Street and Loudon Avenue, across from the Fayette County Health Department.

Project Timeline

Artist Submission Deadline: May 31, 2011
Artists selected: June 6, 2011

Fabrication and Installation of Artwork: June 20, 2011
Dedication of the Project: July 2011

Application Guidelines (Incomplete Submissions will not be accepted)

A one page typed letter of interest (optional)- Artists may submit up to six existing images for consideration, or a brief 1 page (no more) description of work to be created. If you are proposing new work, please provide up to six images of related past artwork. Digital images must be submitted as Jpeg formatted PC compatible images on a CD (No template presentations such as PowerPoint, Flash or Picasa will be accepted). Each file must be named with the artist’s surname and image number to correspond to an image list (e.g. 01 Smith). Clearly mark the CD with your name.- An annotated jpeg list including title, media, dimensions, budget, descriptive information, and numbered according to number on CD images.- A current resume (no more than three pages)- Do not send additional supplementary materials.

Post-Application Process

Artist Selection: Each artist can submit up to 6 images or proposal by May 31, 2011. The submissions will be reviewed by a Public Art Advisory Committee. The committee will select an artist based on the parameters described in the project description. Artists will be notified of selection status by June 7, 2011.Selected artists must provide a high quality digital file or negative of the photograph to Art in Motion by June 20, 2011. Art in Motion will provide the selected artist the $500 honorarium or $750 to an artist team upon completion of the project. 100% of payment will be dispursed upon successful printing of the enlarged image. A dedication of the artworks will be held at the site in July 2011.

Critical Selection Factors

Critical selection factors include the strength of the image and how well it responds to the themes described in the project description. Artwork must be suitable for public display and visible from a distance. Applications are to be sent to Art in Motion, Inc. 838 East High Street, # 114, Lexington, KY 40502. For more information, please contact AIM President and Coordinator, Yvette Hurt at 859-361-1052 oryhurt@windstream.netArt in Motion reserves the right to refuse any or all submissions, to refuse any finalist, to waive informalities in proposals or procedures, or to withhold the award of a commission should it be determined that submissions are not adequate, or for any other reason prior to a written contractual arrangement being reached.

Required Submission Form to be submitted by the artist by May 31, 2011.
Link to form at LexArts website at

Please send to:
Art in Motion, Inc.
838 East High Street, # 114
Lexington, KY 40502

Questions? Call AIM President and Coordinator Yvette Hurt at 859-361-1052

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