Call for Proposals for East End Artstop murals

Press Release
February 4, 2011

Lexington, KY Call for Proposals for Art Shelter Murals

Art in Motion, Inc. and ArtsPower Lexington, nonprofit groups based in Lexington, Kentucky, are pleased to release a Call for Proposals (scroll down to view call) for a new mural exhibit at the East End Artstop, in partnership with the Lexington Transit Authority (LexTran) and the Blue Grass Community Foundation.

The murals will be displayed at East End Artstop, an artistic transit shelter located at the corner of Third Street and Elm Tree Lane across from the newly restored, historic Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center in downtown Lexington, KY. The art shelter features a large steel sculpture titled ‘Lyrical Movement’ and space for 5 large 2-D murals.
An honorarium of $200 per panel or up to $600 for all 5 panels will be offered for the display of reproductions of the chosen artist’s work. The artist will keep his or her original work.

Art in Motion, Inc. developed the concept of ‘art shelter’ in Lexington to serve both as bus stop with seating and other basic amenities for LexTran riders and as space for public art. East End Artstop is the second of four art shelters completed by Art in Motion, Inc. since 2006. Two of the four art shelters, East End Artstop and Bluegrass, feature space for changing exhibits of 2-D art murals. ArtsPower Lexington is a citizen driven-program that utilizes art and community organizing to create sustainable processes that address culture, history and social issues and introduces East End residents to art-making as a creative outlet, educational tool and career option.

The attached CFP includes criteria for the work and submission information. The deadline for entry is March 1, 2011.

Media contacts:
Yvette Hurt, president and coordinator
Art in Motion, Inc.
Joan Brannon, Director
ArtsPower Lexington

Call to Lexington, Kentucky-based Visual Artists

    ArtsPower Lexington, in partnership with Art in Motion, Inc., Blue Grass Community Foundation and LexTran, is seeking art work for a new exhibit at the East End Artstop located at the corner of Third Street and Elm Tree Lane across from the historic Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center. The location is a public gallery in the outdoor space of a transit shelter that serves LexTran and downtown’s East End.

    The stop features a colorful sculpture piece, as well as 5 – 2 D art mural panels that will feature the work of the artist or artists chosen in this contest. The panels are 271/2” x 48” in size. Artists are encouraged to view the site at the corner of Third and Elm Tree Lane.

    This work will be displayed for no less than 3 months. The art must transfer well onto weatherproof PVC panels. The artist will provide a high resolution digital image to be transferred onto the panels by Art in Motion, Inc. (The artist will be assisted with digital technology, if needed).

    How to Submit

    There is no entry fee. Send up to 10 digital images of artwork with titles, a brief artist statement including your interest in this particular project. If you would like to create new work, write a brief description of the work and send 5-10 samples of similar work.

    Submissions will be reviewed by a committee of arts professionals and community members.

    If one artist is selected for all 5 panels, the selected artist will receive a $ $600.00 honorarium for display of reproductions of the chosen artwork. If multiple artists are selected, the honorarium shall be $200.00 per panel. The artist will keep their original work. Submitted materials will be returned by your arrangement. Panels will remain the property of Art in Motion following the exhibit.

    Submission Deadline: March 1 2011 (postmarked or hand-delivered by)
    Panel Review: April 2011
    Opening May 2011

    Send all application materials to:
    ArtsPower Lexington
    P.O. Box 54391
    Lexington, KY 40555

    Or deliver materials to: Lesley Farmer at Lexington Children’s Theatre 418 W. Short Street in Lexington

    Email for information: or click on ‘East End Artstop’ page on this website.
    Call for information: 684-0458.

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