Art in Motion at Gallery Hop

Visit Art in Motion during Gallery Hop
Art in the Public Realm
This Friday, November 19, 5-8 pm
Downtown Arts Center
SKO Gallery (upstairs)

    On display in SKO Gallery through January 30

Bottle Stop - Versailles Rd. Lexington, Kentucky

Bottle Stop - Art In Motion's first art shelter - designed by Aaron Scales and Jim McKay. Second and third-place Versailles Rd. design contest winners Michael Maxson and Maria Milkova.

Art Stop - Elm and Third Street, Lexington, Kentucky

East End Art Stop - AIM's second art shelter, near the renovated Lyric Theatre. Sculpture Lyrical Movement by Garry Bibbs is a tribute to the Lyric. Art shelter designed by EOP Architects.

Bluegrass Art Shelter - Newtown Pike, Lexington Kentucky

Bluegrass on Newtown Pike between downtown Lexington and the Kentucky Horse Park. Designed by EOP Architects. Steel work by Iron Horse Forge.

Gardenstop - Euclid Avenue near the University of Kentucky

Gardenstop is a living shelter located in the Aylesford neighborhood near UK's campus. Design and constructed by Prajna Design and Construction.

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